What We Accept and What We Buy

J D BEAVERS CO, R2 Electronics Recycling:

Our unique matrix

We bring a broad scope of expertise to the table, combining R2 recycling services, cost recover, and the highest security data destruction available for our customers. J D BEAVERS CO consolidates the services that used to take 2 or 3 vendors. We purchase your obsolete electronics and other metals. We also provide special data destruction, removal, and proper end of life reclamation of hazardous CRT and flat screen monitors. Itís a huge win for your bottom line. Not only are you recovering money for your obsolete materials, we also provide many services for free as part of the recycling process that you are currently paying for. On average for every dollar of cash back you receive you also receive a dollar of free services.

Why partner with J D BEAVERS CO.

1. We de-manufacture computer and office electronics in accordance to stringent R2 standards recovering valuable reusable raw materials. We pay you for your decommissioned electronics based on the known materials they contain; moving what was an expense for recycling and data destruction over to the revenue column.

2. We secure and destroy your data using the highest security protocol as part of the R2 recycling service. Our methods keep you compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley, FACTA, and HIPPA guidelines along with other Federal and State recommendations for the safe handling of stored data. Businesses, Government agencies, Medical Facilities, Universities, Schools, and Non-Profits have a responsibility to their employees, customers, and investors to protect sensitive information. Data containing account numbers, social security numbers, medical records, addresses, e-mail addresses and other sensitive information must be destroyed. Avoid the potential damages and have your data properly destroyed. Many companies are not aware that nearly every digital copier built since 2002 contains a hard drive loaded with sensitive information that needs to be handled with the same care as your computers.

3. We will provide you with certificates detailing the proper data destruction and recycling through an R2 certified facility. We handle the largest constellation of electronics recycling and data destruction insuring a single-source solution.

Why partner with J D Beavers CO:

We comply fully with the rigid R2 certification standard; R2 is designed specifically for electronics recycling. The Federal Governments GSA in Bulletin B-34 with input from the EPA issues new guidelines for all Federal government agencies to recycle electronics with companies holding R2 certification. Along with proper handling of your electronics and keeping you in compliance with the myriad of guidelines governing data security and proper recycling, we also get you the maximum revenue recovery. We literally take what was a cost and move it over in to the revenue column.

J D Beavers Co. offers the largest constellation of items that can be recovered for cash. Itís good for the ecology and good for your bottom line.

Lap tops
Main Frames
Key boards
Multifunction devices
Cell phones
Phone systems
Battery back-up units
AC Adaptors
Electric motors
Re-chargeable batteries
Non-PCB ballast
Fork lift steel incased batteries
Auto/ Fork lift, lead acid batteries
Power cords
Power strips
Metal office furniture

Items we handle for free as part of the recycling service that others charge for:

LCD monitors
Computer and copier hard drive destruction.

Additional items we accept for recycling:

We have a full service metals division allowing customers to earn even more return of revenue by including metal desks, metal filling cabinets, work stations, kitchen appliances, and any other metal containing items on-hand along with their electronics.

On-site Service:

We can clean data from hard drives on-site for customers requiring that service. We can handle the complete removal of your electronics as well. An Insured experienced team can come to your site and gather together your electronics, palletize, and transport material to our facility. Fee for these services are generally off-set by the recovery of material.

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